A Winner By Knockout

mickey stallone

Rahul Desai breaks tradition and writes about something very close to his childhood and heart - the ROCKY spinoff 'Creed' - an engaging franchise addition to the boxer's enduring legacy.

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Film Review: X – Past Is Present


A failure, but not for lack of trying. We review Drishyam Films' interesting new cinematic experiment, a collaborative film named X: Past Is Present, starring Rajat Kapoor, Anshuman Jha and many actresses who vary between passable and poor.

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Sudhanshu Saria’s Labour of ‘LOEV’


We speak to filmmaker Sudhanshu Saria, whose first feature-length film LOEV has been selected to premiere at the prestigious Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2015.

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“Now they’ve realised I’m not just a ‘Gandu’.”


An interview with one of India's most controversial and radical voices, filmmaker Q - who speaks about his latest film, his ideologies and the meaning of independence.

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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go


Rahul Desai writes about 'The Threshold', starring Rajit Kapoor and Neena Gupta - a moving chamber piece that screened at this year's Mumbai Film Festival.

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“Commerce dictates the art in films here.”


We have a quick chat with Nagesh Kukunoor, whose new film 'Dhanak' premiered in India at the JioMAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

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“Futility of fundraising makes me want to quit.”

singh g

Mumbai Film Festival Golden Gateway winning filmmaker Gurvinder Singh speaks about 'Chauthi Koot', his methods, years of learning and the losing battle of fundraising.

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“A director must help everyone achieve their dreams.”


Filmmaker Ruchika Oberoi talks about her debut feature (Venice FEDORA winner) 'Island City', which had its Indian premiere at the JioMAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2015.

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JioMAMI 2015: A Haraamkhor in Mumbai


A quick chat with the talented Shlok Sharma, whose feature-film debut 'Haraamkhor' - starring Nawazuddin and Shweta Tripathi - will play at the Mumbai Film Festival 2015.

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“I’m not a film geek. I’d rather just create my own.”


JioMAMI 2015: A chat with acclaimed Thithi director Raam Reddy about his film, background and working with non-professional actors.

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