The Katiyabaaz of Kanpur


Film critic Tanul Thakur writes about 'Katiyabaaz', Fahad Mustafa and Deepti Kakkar's path-breaking Indian documentary about electricity, Kanpur, power and politics.

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Clown Prince Of Independence


Upcoming filmmaker Rukshana Tabassum sits down for a long, inquisitive chat with accidental actor and accomplished filmmaker Rajat Kapoor - about all things 'Aankhon Dekhi', theatre, struggling, producers, indies, stars and life.

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See much evil, hear no evil


Aankhon Dekhi, one of the finest Indian films of 2014, still shines bright in our minds. We explore and dissect the legend of 'Bauji' - brought to life by the inimitable Sanjay Mishra.

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The Merchant Of Mumbai

shaan mic

Producer Shaan Vyas (Kshay, Masaan, Zubaan) gives us a rather impassioned insight into the world of film production, film festivals and globe-trotting.

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“Making a film is like organising a wedding from the bride’s side.”


'Bhatukali' director Rohit Joshi speaks about how being an assistant director is crucial to direct your own film one day.

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The Real Sound of Music


We chat with BBC Hindi's official music critic Rohwit - about his intriguing craft, and the sounds and tunes of contemporary Hindi cinema.

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We review Ian McDonald's much-awaited documentary; a remarkable film about vision, and driven by vision.

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Bioscope (2015)


Bioscope, a Marathi-language anthology of shorts directed by four acclaimed filmmakers, casts an umbrella over the different aesthetics and moods of Marathi cinema.

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Keeda for All Seasons

Zurich Film Festival, 2014

We speak to 'Sulemani Keeda' director Amit Masurkar about the current Indie film scene.

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Indie or Something Like It

photoby Prashin Jagger-0507

Indie producer & professional multi-tasker Prerana Manker writes about her choices, life and career, and gives aspiring filmmakers some valuable tips about the craft.

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