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Rahul Desai’s April watch-list

April has been a difficult month for India. Covid-19 is killing innocent citizens, cinemas have (again) closed, roads are (again) empty, there's nowhere left to go (again). While the government is pulling off a mass genocide under the guise of incompetence, some of us fortunate enough to stay indoors have further retreated into our OTT-watching shells. The Oscars are [...]

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Arrival: A film from the past about the future

A piece on why Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL is the definitive pandemic film.

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IIF Podcast: Film criticism & Hindi cinema in 2020

Podcast: Film critics Rahul Desai and Tanul Thakur discuss the year that was, in terms of both Hindi cinema and film criticism.

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There was a girl

By Rahul Desai In my third year of college, the teachers marvelled at me. They cited me as an example to other students. Don’t make excuses. Be like Rahul. The more they embarrassed me like that, the more “rebellious” I tried to look. At one point, a Nike headband, two sweatbands, spiky streaked hair and [...]

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Rahul Desai’s streaming diary (August)

Rahul Desai lists down the older streaming titles ("meal movies") he's revisited in August 2020.

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The man at the dining table

A personal essay by a film critic about dinners and dining tables.

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IIF Podcast: Breathe (Into the Shadows)

Film critics Rahul Desai & Tanul Thakur discuss their differing opinions of Breathe: Into the Shadows, before shedding light on the bigger picture of perspectives and film criticism.

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IIF Podcast: The legend of Tom Hanks

Film critics Rahul Desai and Uday Bhatia do a definitive, long-form Tom Hanks podcast. Because the world needs one right now.

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Critic Diaries: A copy+paste tale

A film critic finds that a social media user has been passing off several published movie reviews as his own Facebook reviews. What happens next?

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Critic diaries #1

Film critic Rahul Desai writes about a recent experience with a disgruntled filmmaker.

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Weeks without days

With the pandemic-stricken world in lockdown, young critic Rachit Raj mourns a life without the movies.

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It’s really happening

Rahul Desai muses on a life beyond the time of the Coronavirus pandemic and social isolation.

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The anti-youth of Aunty Sudha, Aunty Radha

Film critic Poulomi Das writes about Tanuja Chandra's intimate new documentary, "Aunty Sudha, Aunty Radha".

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For the love of “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”

Rahul Desai's column on the subtext of Aditya Chopra's Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

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2019: The horror of fascist systems

An essay on the movies and shows that have eerily captured the "invisible horrors" of fascist systems in 2019.

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The necessary nakedness of Wildlife

Rahul Desai writes about Paul Dano's directorial debut WILDLIFE, and the uniqueness of its dysfunctional family story.

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No country for old love

A column on Aadish Keluskar's JAOO KAHAN BATA AE DIL.

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Share: Play, rewind, relapse

Film critic Poulomi Das writes about SHARE, Pippa Bianco's breakout high-school drama about the unending trauma of a teenaged assault survivor in the internet age.

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