Yet another TIFF 2012 director is being highlighted by the Huffington Post. This time it’s Ashim Ahluwalia, director of “Miss Lovely”, getting the spotlight.


Here is an excerpt from the interview with Marissa Bronfman:

How do you see the Indian film industry changing over the next 10 years? What will be your role in that change? How do you expect international critics and audiences to react to this change, if at all?

I hope we see less formula filmmaking and more films by directors who have a personal vision. I hope we see more risky, crazier, braver films that push the envelope because I think we have made enough “safe” products to last us many lifetimes.

That would actually make the rest of the world more engaged in what we do — nobody wants to see another romantic comedy from India. I don’t see myself being a part of this because I don’t think I represent anything really, and my films are too small to make a difference — but I would happy to contribute in some accidental way.


For the full interview please visit the Huffington Post.