In our latest Artists’ podcast, music aficionado Arpit speaks to Manas Ullas, a veteran indie musician whose band Mode.AKA’s track, “Chase in Chinatown,” was featured on the soundtrack of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!.

Manas is also part of ViceVersa with Rohit “P Man” Pereira, in which they have collaborated with several artists from the Delhi and Bangalore scene. (To listen to their latest release, click here)

Listen off:

Time stamps:

00:03:50:08 Gaming
00:04:46:09 Streaming
00:05:34:20 Streaming popping up in lockdown
00:06:04:04 Streaming in F1
00:07:24:22 Musicians in time of Covid
00:09:50:19 Introversion and music
00:11:17:22 New Album
00:13:12:02 New Wave of music
00:17:28:22 Skrillex and electronic music
00:19:10:13 No More Albums
00:22:23:10 Introversion and Live Performance
00:25:48:07 Meeting P Man, start of Vice Versa
00:30:00:23 How we met
00:34:07:02 Goa with Raja
00:36:09:04 Kru172
00:36:39:17 Vishwesh and Scribe
00:38:14:14 Origins
00:42:16:01 Aliases
00:44:11:06 Mode AKA
00:47:02:17 Byomkesh Bakshy
00:48:56:14 Bollywood and Indie Music
00:52:37:03 Remix Culture in Bollywood
00:55:10:03 Works that got Indie into the mainstream