“…Or Die” Review

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"Attempting to get at truth means rejecting stereotypes and cliches." - Harold Evans Stereotypes exist for all races across the board. Some of them can be true while others are blatantly false. Nearly all of them can be associated with ignorance. Yes, some cab drivers are brown. Yes, a lot of IT guys are also [...]

Kabir Bedi discusses his Hollywood years and the role of South Asian actors in America

By |October 29th, 2012|SAIFF 2012|

Kabir Bedi is quite the accomplished actor. He just recently received the Star Foundation Award during the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF). He's found a form of stardom on three different continents through projects and films like "Octopussy", "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "Sandokan." Kabir Bedi with moderator James Janowsky during the SAIFF [...]

“Balak Palak” Review

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So let's talk about sex. What? You don't want to? What do you mean you're embarrassed? Why? Wait where are you going?! Who the hell is supposed to explain this stuff to me? "Balak Palak" premiered at the South Asian Film Festival Friday night. These are the questions many adolescents face as they grow [...]

“Blood Relative” Review

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"Blood Relative" is a truly moving, gripping documentary by Nimisha Mukerji, director of numerous films including the multiple award-winning documentary 65_RedRoses, set to air soon on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Set in Mumbai, we see a true life story of two brave, young sufferers of thalassemia major, a genetic disease, one variant of which is [...]

“Bureaucracy Sonata” (“Raag Sarkari”) Review

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A long time ago, India went through an "interesting" time to say the least. From June 26, 1975 through March 21, 1977, democracy was suspended in India allowing Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to rule by decree. It became known as the "emergency era" in India. During that time, a lot of political activists and members [...]

“B.A. Pass” Review

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I've been struggling to write this review ever since I saw "B.A. Pass", directed by Ajay Bahl, nearly three weeks ago at the New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest (NJISACF). In fact I had initially written the review rather quickly because I loved the movie. But then I read the short story it was [...]

Legendary actor Kabir Bedi accepts Star Foundation Award at SAIFF

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The South Asian International Film Festival gave this year's Star Foundation Award to the legendary actor Kabir Bedi. It was introduced for the first time last year when it went to filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. Bedi received his award during the South Asian Rising Star Film Awards Tuesday night after he was introduced by SAIFF President [...]

South Asian Rising Star Film Awards Recap

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Before the actual festival kicks off, SAIFF 2012 got started with the  1st Annual South Asian Rising Star Film Awards. Adult film star and emerging Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and Jay Chandrasekhar, director of films like "Beerfest" and "Super Troopers", hosted the event Tuesday night. Jay Chandrasekhar and Sunny Leone hosting the awards ceremony. "With [...]

SAIFF 2012 kicks off tonight with the “South Asian Rising Star Film Awards”

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The South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) kicks off tonight with an awards ceremony celebrating the rising stars of South Asian cinema. IIF will be there all week covering everything we possibly can. Below is a press release  with all the nominees and information. The festival is co-sponsored by HBO. NEW YORK CITY September 25, [...]

“Greater Elephant” Review

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The following review was done by Dr. Prabhu Jha, an expert on English literature and storytelling in general. His short stories have been published in the literary magazine "Ink" and he runs a blog called Ephemeral Insights. "Greater Elephant", recently premiered in Pune, is a delightful movie, which defies any attempts to label it. Some [...]

In Conversation with Srinivas Sunderrajan, director of “Greater Elephant”

By |October 19th, 2012|Interviews, upcoming movies|

Almost a year after the film won the Jury Award at the 2011 South Asian International Film Festival, "Greater Elephant" is finally getting it's first release in India today. The movie, produced by Enter Guerilla Films and Humara Movie Productions, debuts in Pune today through PVR Cinemas. The film had quite a unique journey to [...]

An interview with Sakti Sengupta, Director of NJISACF

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Similar to the production issues in getting an independent movie made, putting on a festival highlighting these films is no simple task. It involves fundraising, curating and creativity. Which all simply translates to a lot of late nights for Sakti Sengupta, Director of the New Jersey International South Asian Cinefest, and his staff. Mr. Sengupta [...]

“Dekh Indian Circus” Review

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There is something more powerful about a message or story if its conveyed through the perspective of children. A filmmaker or storyteller can talk about the issues of money, greed and power but the impact is always greater when you can see the effect on innocence. "Dekh Indian Circus", the opening night film at NJISACF [...]

IIF Exclusive: An Interview with Imtiaz Ali

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Imtiaz Ali, the director of such hits in India like "Rockstar" and "Love Aaj Kal", was in New Jersey for the weekend to introduce an independent film called "Dekh Indian Circus" at NJISACF. While he was there, he graciously took the time to speak to IIF about the definition of independent films, the challenges of [...]

“Listen Amaya” takes home top honors at NJISACF

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The New Jersey Independent South Asian Cinefest has come to a close after an eventful weekend full of interesting films and visits from director Imtiaz Ali and actress Deepti Naval. "Listen Amaya", which had its east coast premiere at the festival, took home top honors for Best Feature Film and Best Director Avinash Singh. The [...]

Imtiaz Ali introduces “Dekh Indian Circus” on NJISACF’s opening night

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Friday night kicked off the New Jersey Independent South Asian Cinefest in Edison, NJ. The theater was packed as acclaimed director Imtiaz Ali was on hand to introduce the opening night film, "Dekh Indian Circus." Ali spoke fondly of the festival's mission to promote good cinema. He cited festival director Sakti Sengupta's vision and all [...]

NJISACF begins tonight!

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The New Jersey South Asian Cinefest (NJISACF) begins tonight in Edison, NJ! I am pleased to announce that IIF will be attending and covering all the fun. The festival has been around since 2007 and their mission is to "to promote and recognize the talents of the new,the established, the underrepresented, the best and the [...]